Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday i'm so sad

I'm not feeling well today, my throat felt itchy and sore. I'm still on diet and still cranky, I'm only ate vegetables and no carbo, no sugars, no fried foods, no high calorie fruits or whatsoever the thing is NO EATING!! pretty hard though but hey, beauty is really pain right?. Last Saturday i found my old wooden sandals, i bought them 10 years ago, they were still in a very good condition and also so comfortable to wear!, I also found my wooden Fendi sandals which i bought on sale around 8 years ago by my student allowance, they were cute and classic (i haven't take the picture of them but i will soon), still in a very good condition and right now they were my sisters', i really want to take them back! haha... This month I'll get a mid year bonus hmm I'm thinking of spending my money wisely but i still have no clue even though i have tons of wish lists but when it comes to the real money i was screwed. I also have a plan to go for holiday, buy new 30GB I pod cos mine is only 2 GB (so saaaad), new Sony digital camera *seriously* i don't have one!, Cute floral mini dress, high heel sandals/shoes, many more more and more... but the most important thing is i need a new job cos i am definitely need more money so i could go to Europe.

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