Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Resolution

Me and my black and gold headband (my bump looked big in the picture), Rina (right) in her desk

I think i have almost accomplish 75% of my shopping resolution this month. My friend Rina bought me red wayfarer rayban shade from overseas just like what Rachel Bilson has and it has different color in the side of the shade, I bought smock batik dress with frills and knitted details from Alun alun (grand Indonesia), dark brown and studded gladiator sandals and i got them very very cheap!! haha, super size stripy t-shirt dress from Zara, Maxi dress (hasn't done yet) by pak Saiful our (Noniet, me and Rina) super tailor. The rest that i havent had a chance to buy or do are fringe accessories, getting hair cut (need to cut my bangs), Floral Jumpsuit and cape. I'm waiting for Kate moss embroideries white mini dress but it hasnt come yet to my country, though for sure i have to keep extra money to get it :)

Kate Moss dress

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