Monday, March 31, 2008

O la la Cape

I was just thinking of making my own cape, i meant i really find myself difficult to get one nice cape. I saw once from Kate Moss line it was an awesome sequined cape but the thing is the price was suck. I found these super cool fringe cape from Blanco Toddler-- "youth leather cape" what do you guys think?

I love Jasmine Guinness sequined and frilled cape this one is just perfect...

And Mine

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I hate my office, I wanna go earlier, I wanna go shopping!!

I wish i could have a chance to wear fur in my country, well basically i can though, i have to stand myself burning inside, haha.. just love Kate Moss enjoyed the prettiness of fur affection... huh.
Today after office hour I'll go shopping alone, could not stand to buy something, I really want to have Maxi flowery dress and gladiator sandal. The drop waist dress is also must have items for the summer, following with front button dress. I just couldnt wait to go out from this hell (called Office) earlier, but before i leaved i have to do something "not important" for my work ... oooooohhhh you have no idea i really hate my office!!!! sigh..well enjoy the pictures! trust me Miu2 and Balenciaga doing great for their design this season!

Monday, March 10, 2008

i'll marry these dresses

I Heart these dresses!!

The Stunning Ms. Bilson

Currently i was stunned by Rachel Bilson's look, She owns almost everything, has a pretty nice face, great sense of fashion ( I just love her Red Ray Ban shades and Christian Louboutin studded boots), cute dog and oh I love her boyfriend Hayden Christensen muah muah.....

Fun in the Office Part#??

Thursday, March 6 2008 We were celebrated company's Anniversary.. The party was not that happening cos i didnt bring any prize home. The theme was colorful hmm not that sure what the theme was ... Who's in the frame?? Noniet as Miami Ink girl, Rina as hmm bit rocker mixed with clown, Sheila as Pipi the Long stockings, Irene as the old witch and me... I think i was bit running from the theme, i was wearing skirt from topshop which i bought year ago bright yellow bandana and maxi eye glasses. I looked horrible with those makeups haha Oh the rest in the picture were Arum, Asima, Ika they wore uniform and those silly hats :)