Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dare to wear

These are the photos that i promised to be posted, since the internet was sucked in the office so, i just have the time to put them today. below the girl that i styled for Levi's Fashion Show, pink jacket worn by Farrell, latex vest worn by Chandra, and Rina with drape Topshop dress.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another day in Paradise

Another Day In Bali, what a beautiful moment i had...
hug and kisses,

Where ? Kuta beach, and Anantara
Who's in frame ? Moi, Tisa Luli, Ayu, Rina, Faiz, and Adrian

more Champagne mademoiselle??


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mambo Jumbo Rumble Night

Okay, These pictures happened on the Friday night at Living room Bali, it's definitely such a screwed day..well, actually a really nice champagne party haha, before we got there we were hanging out at Kudeta and having glasses of champagnes. Hmm my lips looked like the hell red!! An believe me we weren't come together so we just called one to each other from some places we were hanging and we met in one place instead.

Who's in the frame? Tisa Luli, Rina, Ayu, Lisa, Feranti, Noni, and Christian.

(left to right-- Feranti, Rina, Me, and Lisa)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Holiday and More

Oh holiday, can you see how peaceful i was in the picture?? With Rina I went to Bali last weekend, all we were doing was shopping, lying on the beach, mojito in the noon and champagne party in the night, i really enjoyed myself and now i have to back to reality, back at work and get anxiety breakdown that i can't describe why...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anxiety attack

Do you know that in my age, i feel so damn fragile. I think i have a tremendous amount of stresses, I don't think i could cope and turns in to something bad for me psychologically . I really feel that my heart is pounding and barely breathing. I don't have claustrophobic or height phobia back then, but currently i feel so damn screw with these whole panic attack. I hope i'll be okay soon as i took a counseling.

Tomorrow, as you know i'll be on trip for holiday, YAY!!!!

I'll post the pictures soon as i get back... C ya!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

1990s Fever!

Honestly, my internet at my office is really sucked! i could barely posted my photos, especially i've tried for about 3 days and came with nothing, moreover i had loads of photos to be posted when i was styling for Levi's fashion show. I really look into something 90s something that i clearly remember about, i was junior high back then, and i was collecting peace pendants, plus eager to have one of those "must haves" Dr. Marthens boots(seriously i don't have one when they were IN, cos my dad didn't allowed me to have one). These mini dresses are simply some perfect o pieces to be combined with those 1990s accessories ( left side) and i just love to have one of those yummy items!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Book Day

Today is a book day, sometimes i read a book, currently i am reading China Under Cover, bit heavy book to read about but i am enjoying it. I am more into magazine rather than reading a book, love chiclit, bit lame but hey it was really pleasuring :).

I can barely imagine that my face is being a cover for magazine, I was once being shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine for December 2007. And the picture was not that great, so i didn't posted it. Above the picture created by Rina.

From Face Hunter:

The Street style i loved, the peace pendant (i really look into it), the 90s Doc Marthen boots, Big bow for hair accessories and Madonna's pointing bra shirt (i don't know exactly what it called).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tea, Coffee and Alcohol

When was the last time you drank all of these damages?? I drink Tea first time in the morning when i get up (with no sugar), take coffee (latte with few low fat sugar) when i get to my office and Alcohol after office hour mostly in the weekend. I am definitely not a healthy woman, plus smoking is such a terrible habit, simply when i got to hang out with my girls i am surely have a cup of tea or coffee, we chat, we smoke and we get all the informations sometimes inspirations to share, we heal our wounds of daily stress and laugh about the pain that we created by ourself. how pathetic am i? Yep, if i am staying in United State probably they'll give me 24/7 counseling about the bad habits. People again, judging and I don't mind to be judged. How about you?? do you prepared yourself to be judged?? hey... at least i am :). *title inspired by Rina*

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pre summer

I really into semi summer look, light tops or dresses with many of accessories, oh i cant wait to go for holiday and applying the look plus i just look forward what will be the next icon for summer. Apparently i should get leather moccasins for the season.

Chanel ROCKS!!

Chanel RTW Spring 2008

I have no word to say unless i adore these piece of stunning arts, the printed stars, the denim, check cardigan, the stands out black bow, the stripes outers!! my... they were wicked!! I have one favorite Topshop stars printed dress that just look like Chanel, and of course the price is way far cheaper, it hasn't been here yet but i'll look for it!


Stealing Style

I am going to go for holiday soon, i'll take my day off for 2 days and i can't wait... I'm thinking about how to look simple and comfortable. So i looked up for Sienna Miller & Kate Moss' Style. Just lusting the hat and the vest, next thing to buy : is definitely denim vest!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fashion compromising

These pretty girls are absolutely have a tremendous luck, pretty faces comes along with huge amount of dollars. Leighton Meester looks fab in white toga dress, while i love Alexa Chung's check shirt and geeky glasses.

Mrs. Martin's shoes were absolutely wicked yet turned me so on! and currently she put more effort to get back into fashion as she's promoting her new movie.

(picture from Just Jared)

Monday, May 5, 2008


Last long weekend i found lots of amazing things for me, i bought knee length gladiator sandals, oxford shoes (colored gray and eggshell white), and giant side pocket skinny pants by Chacha(Sheila's friend) for Adity boutique-- seen as below pictute only in brown. I also had a chance to go for thrift shop. I got 3 skirts, and 2 scarves, oh i wish i could take pictures of any of them but i'll share soon. this set is not shown the actual items but i bought mostly the same like these.