Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tea, Coffee and Alcohol

When was the last time you drank all of these damages?? I drink Tea first time in the morning when i get up (with no sugar), take coffee (latte with few low fat sugar) when i get to my office and Alcohol after office hour mostly in the weekend. I am definitely not a healthy woman, plus smoking is such a terrible habit, simply when i got to hang out with my girls i am surely have a cup of tea or coffee, we chat, we smoke and we get all the informations sometimes inspirations to share, we heal our wounds of daily stress and laugh about the pain that we created by ourself. how pathetic am i? Yep, if i am staying in United State probably they'll give me 24/7 counseling about the bad habits. People again, judging and I don't mind to be judged. How about you?? do you prepared yourself to be judged?? hey... at least i am :). *title inspired by Rina*

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