Friday, April 25, 2008

Groovin' Peace

I remembered when i was still in junior high i used to collect any stuff related to peace symbol. I think it'll become a new trend for this season especially for the eclectic style, Nowadays,I'm kind of bored with girly looked, so i tried to mix and match with something groovy like peace symbol. hmmm what do you girls think?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday i'm so sad

I'm not feeling well today, my throat felt itchy and sore. I'm still on diet and still cranky, I'm only ate vegetables and no carbo, no sugars, no fried foods, no high calorie fruits or whatsoever the thing is NO EATING!! pretty hard though but hey, beauty is really pain right?. Last Saturday i found my old wooden sandals, i bought them 10 years ago, they were still in a very good condition and also so comfortable to wear!, I also found my wooden Fendi sandals which i bought on sale around 8 years ago by my student allowance, they were cute and classic (i haven't take the picture of them but i will soon), still in a very good condition and right now they were my sisters', i really want to take them back! haha... This month I'll get a mid year bonus hmm I'm thinking of spending my money wisely but i still have no clue even though i have tons of wish lists but when it comes to the real money i was screwed. I also have a plan to go for holiday, buy new 30GB I pod cos mine is only 2 GB (so saaaad), new Sony digital camera *seriously* i don't have one!, Cute floral mini dress, high heel sandals/shoes, many more more and more... but the most important thing is i need a new job cos i am definitely need more money so i could go to Europe.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today's Pretty things

I'm on diet so i'm bit cranky, i just felt like i need to see something nice on the web,I have many not so interesting meeting which made me want to vomit... by theway look what did i get!

Bow wow!

Bows are always created something dramatic yet fabulous! gosh, when i searched some pictures which related to bow i just wanted to put the almost the whole page into one small frame.

Fringe vest *super duper COOL!!*

From Teen Vogue * love the tie-dye pants*

Mary-Kate Olsen looks amazing in Maxi dress

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fashion Files

Extra Ordinary Bags

Just look what i found! these item are incredibly cute... I found myself rarely buy piece of bag, so next month i have to spare more money for bag. Oh my friend has bought this Cassette shape bag for me ,she has to ship the bag from overseas and i cant wait to get the bag !

T- Bar Shoes

I saw these pink top shop flat t-bar shoes last friday and i was in love with them, I think T bar shoes are cute and really dolly. They will fit for any season, no matter how much do they cost believe me they worth to be bought.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am Broke

Monday, yes it's the beginning of the week, a very hard week. I am broke so i cant go shopping, while i have loads of wish lists to buy. I saw Just Jared (my daily breakfast hahha) and i figured that Rachel Bilson is incredibly cute in maxi stripy dress, so cute for this season! I also in love with Balenciaga dress worn by Irina Lazareanu for 2008 spring runaway.

I remember last year i bought white one shoulder Kate Moss' line for Topshop (exactly look like Selma's below) , i just wore it once! it's too big for me since my chest is bit 'shapeless' haha and i'm planning to wear it this season soon as it get altered by pak saiful and i'm going to match it gladiator sandals.
The two pictures below (SelmaB and MischaB) were the style that i admired.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pre-fall/fall 2008

Peek what's hot for pre fall- fall 2008 from our hottest designers:

Christopher Kane and Monique Lhuillier

Balenciaga and Luella

Chloe and Matthew Williamson

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Tie-dye looks cool this season, i must say it's not only dress but whole components of wardrobe, Some of famous designers were paying attention into it: Matthew Williamson, Fendi, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Nina Ricci up to Topshop! Tie dye would be perfect if you convey it with round glasses from Sophia Kokosalaki muaaahh ....

Matthew Williamson(left)
Round shades Sophia Kokosalaki (right)

What would i wear?

Chloe shoes

I love the shape of these Chloe shoes, worn by Kate Bosworth, they are gorgeous! If i have these kind of shoes i would probably wear them just like the picture below, but still have no idea in what occasion should i wear this kind of outfits...

Denim Aura

I saw once denim mini dress from Zara, i love the blue faded color from the dress but the price was too high for such a simple dress. I don't know i just really love denim dress since a year ago but i haven't had a chance to have one. I would love to wear it with my gladiator sandals...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Batik has been an "Item" in my country, it is something like nation identification that inherited from our ancient, Since i finally realized that i am being "Jakartanese" right now, whereby most of them wearing almost the same style which i admitted sometimes i was contagious by them (uuuuggghh i hate it), well for this thing honestly, i don't mind wearing something similar with Jakartanese. Coincidentally Noniet wears Batik too today! I think i have posted her picture with this dress hahaha...

noniet: dress by Saribatik, shoes by Grendha
me : dress by Alun-alun, shoes Paco Gil

Lets Come and Play!

When i was little my mom used to buy me jumpsuits where we used to call it playsuit, there were many variations of them, now i really want to have one, i saw once in Mango but the fabric wasn't that good, made my belly looked bump out. i would love to wear one with long trousers by Stella McCartney (C)...

a. Tara Matthews
b. Tara Mathews
c. Stella McCartney
d. Diane von Furstenberg
e.Vanessa Bruno
f. From Gargyle
h.Stealla McCartney flowery

Gemma Ward


Australian Model Gemma Ward always have spectaculars pictures for any print media or ad- campaign, I rarely see her style when she's off set (not on photo shot for campaign or magazines), just look what i found, i am not that into her style, really, i meant she's OKAY but i think the blackgown was hideous! haha... no seriously the other were good.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Again, yes ,again Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn always be a darling for fashion industry, she's unique and stylish, I have posted many times about her styles and her pictures were like thousand of them spreading around the globe! I love to see how she dressed but some of her outfit did not suit on my petite size, i am more like Irina Lazareanu's style, but still Agyness showed us how fun to be a woman, If you keen to have her style, here are some items you must have!

1. boyfriend's blazer (shown in the picture by Topshop)
2. scarf (shown in the picture by Kate Moss for Topshop)
3. tights (bold colors)
4. Jazzy shoes (shown in the picture by missoni)
5. Neon accessories (vintage shades) exactly look like what she wore on Elle magazine award
6. Socks over the tights or peeking under the flood pants
7. Leather Jacket ( shown in the picture by Dolce & Gabbana)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

BOWL Bangs

This is the smock Batik dress that i bought last week, the resolution of the pictures were very bad cos i used my cellphone whereby it's only about 2MP, I wore it with my Gladiator sandals and it's really short! .

Yesterday I felt like boring with my hair do so i decided to have shorter bangs in Tony& Guy Hair Studio (Plaza Indonesia), Not much Different because i have always had bangs myself only longer , at least another resolution has been accomplished.. check out before and after :)

Before (left me & Jill ) and After